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Skillings Connolly Inc. has helped a number of clients plan,  design and build their Marinas to meet the needs of their community and in the case of private land owners and developers, their vision.  From private site development to commercial marina renovations and large scale projects partnering with Washington Ports throughout the Northwest we’ve worked with clients to meet their short and long term planning needs and the communities they serve

Our engineers and environmental scientists understand the difficulty of the permitting process, tidal, river and lake environmental forces, and the needs of each community and how they utilize these valuable resources. We not only study the engineering required by such harsh environments but the way communities rely on such areas for commerce, community gathering and recreation.


  • Feasibility studies
  • Master planning
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Terminal planning and design
  • Value-added activities and production cycle assessments
  • Coastal engineering
  • Environmental impact assessments and programs


  • Pollution control and waste management
  • Project financing
  • Construction management
  • Direct-hire construction
  • Integrated engineering, procurement and construction
  • Port management support